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MUNDO   FLIX  is   a   streaming   video-on-demand   (SVOD)   service

offering more than 2,500 movies, TV series and other video content

to   U.S.   consumers   who   seek   entertainment   in   Spanish,   a

combination   of   Spanish   and   English   (“Spanglish”),   and   English-

language content that explores Latino-based themes. This over-the-

top   (OTT)   product   is   designed   to   attract   a   sophisticated,   yet

underserved   audience   that   desires   far   greater   small-screen

entertainment options than those currently available in U.S. Hispanic

media outlets today.

Mission Statement

MUNDO FLIX  is committed to serving Spanish-dominant and bilingual

consumers   in   the  U.S.  by   offering   a   broad   range   of   top   film   and

television   entertainment   appealing   to   multi-generational   households.

These   consumers,   who   navigate   a   bifurcated   emotional   existence

between   their   adopted  U.S.  homeland   and   countries-of-origin,   seek

Spanish and English-language programming that reflects their culture

and/or   language-of-origin.   In   addition,  MUNDO   FLIX  addresses   the

particular   need   of   Spanish-dominant   parents   to   share   a   meaningful

viewing experience.


The   executive   team   for  MUNDO   FLIX  —  comprised   of   Latino

writers/producers,   development/programming   executives,   distribution

experts,  Business  & Legal Affairs specialists, and  research  analysts,

from top Spanish-language and general market media/broadcast, cable,

satellite   and   digital   operations

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